Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back to the countryside...Olafsfjörður take 2

I am back in the countryside. As a DRWS i had to follow my doctor in his healty mission in the grrrrreat Norrrth of Iceland. Here i am... back in Ólafsfjörður where i stayed during last summer.
After 5 days here i have figured out some stuff about what kind of doctorwife i am gonna be or not. I am not a countryside doctor´s wife. no way. Not that this is boring or unattractive. This is just that i need the exitement and mondanity of the city to glow. There is not much to do here and only one nurse to persecute... what the point ? :-) A doctor wife without a nurse is like France without strike. So i am going back to Reykjavík tonight and directly going to do a Doctor´s wife party. We are gonna watch Herra Ísland / Mister Iceland / Exposure of flesh and Tanorexia. What to ask more?

Monday, November 12, 2007

when did we became Desperate?

I have been now for more than a year a DRSW, and i am starting to wonder.. When did i become desperate ? Why am i desperate? Is it when i have attested of the morally questionable behaviour of the Nurses? Is it when i have seen that Einstein was right when he said that:"the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits", of course illustrating the morally questionable behaviour of the Nurses.... I am not being a very good DRSW now. I think i am a bit too much charging the back of the nurses. Blaming them for stuff that they don´t do. Not that i want to find them excuses. Anyway.. When did i became desperate? Is it when i have started to see this pinched smiled on people face when i was telling that my doctor was a doctor? Was it this day few years back in France, when i have met my very first devilish nurse when i broke my jaw? (The first and only time i have verbally assaulted a medical worker...with my jaw broken...she will stay the "salope" - The one who have the good sense to speak french will understand-" When did i lost hope in the medical worker? Was it when i have seen that i want to spend my life with one of them ? Was it when i have seen that white was still not my color? Was it when my doctor was in Gynecology? Is it when i have met those doctor who mentions every second word that they are a doctor ? or when i have seen this nurse when someone was very bably injured running to the victim.. "i am a nurse ... i am a nurse... i am a nurse" on a joyful and inapropriate tune ?

Money is often told to be the nerve of War. I have another theory. Hope or more precisely the lack of it, is in our case is the nerve of War. I think i might have became desperate the day that i have seen that hope vanish as fast as a nurse run to save a poor soul.....


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hi my name is Virgile and i am a Masseuse... euh... a Doctor´s wife...

One of the most difficult time to be a DRSW is when your Doctor is in Examen periode. The time of the test is one of the roughest for DRSW. Really. When the Doctor´s to be study.. that war time.... and the DRSW is part of the collateral damaged

First... forget anything about diet and healthy eating.... this is over... the only vegetable that you will get.. will be the one from Subway !!! Talking about THE Carbs...... you will fall in the dark side....Unfortunately..... The carbs that you put so much energy to fight... will win you... for this time...Win a fight not a war.....Test time = diet over.... You have to be supportive.. Don´t even think to suggest that you will eat a green salad when he, the Doctor to be, willeat tripple cheese, cream and cream pizza.... don t even do it.. just sit and eat...and don t forget to smile....In most of the case.. once the test period over... you receive as a price a small comment... like... hummmm honey pie... haven t you gain a bit of weight....How fair is that !!!!

Second... your Role is mistaken.... your time as a first lady are over ( the classic version of it .. not like the ex wife of the French pseudo president). You become a slave. Doctor to be in test.. are attention seeking... and mine particularly. The Test excuse becomes a pretext to get anything...... they want..... i ve to stuff that comon people do naturally.... like i will never do in my everyday life... like doing the dishes... making the bed... going to the store...... to get disgusting food.... of course.....sometime it make me feel pretty down... but then i look at other people... in the store... and i remember that i am not one of them.. thank god..... i even feel compasionate.... like.. when u are eating some delicious meal that you have spend hour to make with the finest ingredient.... and when you start to eat it.. you see on tv or hear on radio some stuff about some poor black ( or visible minority.. or person of colour....whatever you want) kid in africa... hungry..... you feel bad.... so what i do in this case.... for every bite that i am getting from my delicious meal i am thinking somewhere deep inside of me of them.. and i am sure this is helping to make them feel better..... Well the whole situation in the store is more of less the same..... i am there with comon.. confronting them and i think that my presence is helping them a lot ! Anyway this few words about third world people lead us to our third point...

Last but not least... i have as much importance as a Thai masseuse...Really.....there is no form of polite way of asking anymore.. i ve to be devoted to his body...."massage" and i ve to be there.. rubbing..sratching...again and again ..... this is getting embarassing.... i am starting this is some kind of fetish that doctor develop when they are under educational stressed...i don t know what to do ....what should i do Open a bordel ? Put on the red light.....From Doctor´s wife to "fille de joie" or masseuse if you are ignorant enough to not know french.....I am probably going to end up sooner than i think .... dancing around a pole.......But what make me feel good is that.. even at this i will be best and doing it with class and style !!

I am thinking to build a up a support group... some kind of Doctor´s wife anonymous... Hi my name is Virgile and i am a Masseuse... euh... a Doctor´s wife...

Ah.. i am gonna take a bath..

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Back to the fight line !!

I found myself watching Dr Phil yesterday .. and he was trying to help a couple who s marriage was in trouble, because the husband, a Doctor was having an affair with a nurse !!! It was nothing more to say. The Nurse is devilish.. and as school started again i need to remind it... Beware of the nurse......My computer is having huge problems.... Viruses... again and again ...... i will not be surprise that the Devilish nurse organization is behind this. They have to be stopped !!!! It took the other DRSW to safe my computer.. Together we are stronger !!!

DRSW... Be aware.. they are outside... they are in white.. and they will do anything to get what they want.. !!!! School is starting .. the hunt is just begining and the last year medecin student are the one the most exposed...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your time to shine

The greatest fear of a doctor´s wife is...nurses! We are afraid of them stealing our husbands, slipping them chocolates mid-surgery and looking tempting in those see-through uniforms.

So we try our best. And the big chance to show off our truly loving nursings skills come if our doctors are sick (or hungover) and we get to be the sexy, motherly helpers that nurse our men back to health. There is almost nothing we would not do. Bring food, beverages, take temperatures, make a little strip show...

Anything to keep us ahead in the game of ME vs Nurse.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctor's wives demand Sarkozy treatment

From now on, if someone is going to publish a picture of me, I demand that it be retouched to not show any unflattering tidbits.

No more Nicholas Sarkozy, more Vladimir Putin!

See the love handles

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting through the summer

I ve to confess, i am not a really doctor´s wife...... i am a "doctor to be ´s wife" BUT will be soon a Doctor´s wife... a real one.....The summer has been a good training for both of us... me the Doctor´s wife to be and the Doctor to be. It has been a very good training for me as a Doctor´s wife. Now i ve to say that i am exceling in making tomato soup from a pack , and that i am not that often anymore burn pre-prepared couscous in the pot... and i also become very good in using his credit card and more generally his money. This has be hard... but i am getting well with it.

Unfortunately summer is almost done, and i ve to say that i am gonna miss to be here in the north of Iceland. This has been a lot of fun. But now i ve to go back to the city and show to the world what i ve learnt from my very own personnal trainning in the contryside!

i am gonna doctor´s wife rock the City and realize my fate as a doctor´s wife

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our responsibilities as DRSW's

Being a Dr's wife is all about responsibility, like, when, you're downtown enjoying a quiet cocktail with your husband, then, like, you have to be careful. Because, like, right now his job is to tell alcoholics to stop drinking and then of course it is very bad to get very drunk and rave around town so we have to make sure that that does not happen, too often at least. So the doctor's wife take the doctor by the hand and makes him go home before he runs into some of his patients in spe... ohhh the burden.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All by myself...

What is a DRSW without the DR... i feel like nothing....... i am alone.. for this week. i had to go back the Capital for my studies... and leaving in the north my DR. I miss him so much and i feel so bad. How am i going to realise mysefl then ? What about perfection.....? What about the devilish nurse mafia? It s all by myself ....
Virgile a very desperate Doctor´s wife

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Diet Doctor´s Wife´s Cokkbook.....With few comments from her husband

Happiness doesn t relies in a cook book !

Since i ve left the capital for Ólafsfjörður for the love of my Dr i feel so good. Oh Gosh.
If u read my post from yesterday, u can see that i kind of was having a bad day. Everyone got bad days.. even perfect DRSW. But as perfect entities we must face them with dignity and fearce. Just to sum up. I ve had a "get in the icelandic countryside" experience but this was not my fault: a lamb (probably sent by the devil ish icelandic nurses mafia) tried through itself my under car.... My car who ended up in the fence of the field near by.

Lambs are devilish creatures

I just realised today that this countryside simple life,
Will help me to totally embrace my destiny as a DRSW . This is just perfect nothing to do exept serve with Dignity my Dr. Nothing will stop me from this not even an innocent & insane lamb.

I think i ve might found the recipe for the DRSW Happiness

I can´t wait to cook another perfect meal for my Dr, what should i do ? Maybe Lamb?

Virgile the happiest doctor´s wife in the whole world !!!

Doctor's wives get everything for free

So I just learned that often doctor's wives claim to have rights to free treatment from their husband's colleagues.

SWEET DEAL. I must hurry up getting ill so I can get free treatment.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The inside job

Thought of the day:

Being a DRSW is an inside job.
It´s all about home based buisness.. the outside activities are just random consequencies.
Exemple: I am going to make the dishes after having prepared a perfect meal for my DR.. but there is no more washing product. Random event... i ve to outside to get some.

Nothing more to say today.

Monday, June 4, 2007

More sacrifice

A Doctor's wife has to do whatever is in her/his power to stand by her man, even if it means moving to faraway regions (see previous post) or changing careers.

Now take me fx. I have now started in a job where I will learn good DRSW skills like doing biochemical tests and taking blood samples. Because then I am sure to be invited to go with my husband for Medicins sans Frontières to some strange country where I will have to poop in a hole in the ground... It may also give me the chance to share workplace with my DR later on, so we can meet for lunch and I can fight off the nurse(shark)s. But at what price?

I almost fainted during my first day of work because I am really against the idea of needles in the first place and blood has never really been my thing either, but...the things we do for love... And I am sure it will spawn long serious conversations about medical tests and stuff in the future.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go paint my toenails.

Call of duty ! Ólafsfjörður here i am

Being a DRSW implies a lot of sacrifices or something similar.........Being the DRSW of doctor in becoming implies even more..... But reader..don t twist my word ... i am not complaining.... i am just showing my destiny... and as my destiny.... i am embracing it with no fear !!!

We are the 4th of june ... and i am now living and will be for the next 3 month in Ólafsfjörður..... far away in the north of iceland.....Far away from civilization and medical mondanity? Too Hard for a DRSW ? We will see !

We are the first day.. and so far i ve found nothing to do....Not even a poor child to nutrish..... !!!
it s all about duty... love and compassion... and love and compassion.... and love and compassion...and love ... and compassion.....

ólasfjörður day 1......

The desperarate Doctor´s wife n°1

Monday, May 28, 2007

Doctor's wives have everything - except husbands!

My doctor in spe husband just won a scholarship from a big bank, but it is likely that he won't be able to receive it personally because of work, I have to go. That will be an ongoing problem.
My husband actually told me about a doctor he knows that took a shift to avoid christmas dinners with his wife's family.

In the 1971 film "Doctor's Wives" the pitchline is; Doctor's wives have everything - except husbands." And then the doctors wives go on a drug-sex-alcohol spree of sheer boredom in this reportedly disasterous film with the lowest score I have seen on IMDB.
So now we know what we are in for. Thank good for other doctor's wives that can join us on our sex-drugs-alcohol sprees later.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Desperate Lab Rats VS DRSW

"in every job that must be done... there is an element of fun..... find the fun and the job is game"

Marry Poppins (Disney Slave & DRSW)

First of all... i want to clarify something... Sometimes, Dr´s wife (DRSW to make short) is a husband..... as me....My husband the Doctor as a husband as a wife.... is it clear?

Everyone know the saying that the Shoes maker is the one with the worst shoes.. (more or less said like this).....There is worst than the shoes maker.... there is .... the DRSW.... YES !!! Everytime that something goes REALLY wrong with my body.... (i am Hypocondriac.....sometimes...everyday things go NOT REALLY wrong)..... Anyway... Everytime that something goes really wrong... and i ask for a generous, caring, helping hand from my Medical Husband.... all i get.. is "oh comon i see this all time at the hospital... this is nothing "..... And there i go with my pain ... Even if i protest saying "If those people are in the hospital this is because there is something wrong" Answer of the specialist "those people have nothing wrong exept worries especially foreigner" What can i do....? We are in a medical deny...

BUT when the Dr (still studing.. who cares he is dr´s anyway) is studing a new subject... we end up to be Lab Rats (because we want it..... Because we have to be supportive :-) So When Dr G (that´s my husband name) was studing Dermatology... i was having some mysterious rash..... when he was reading genetic.... i was looking in my own Chromosomes for Rare dicease that no one knows about it...(the Virgile Syndrom will be the big Medical Discovery in the next 10 years.... i bet u !!!)....Psychiatry enligthened my ADHD.........Neurology.....My brain tumor went nut.....Gynecology... Let´s not talk about it.........Us DRSW have to Be supportive and express sympathetic pain....Do u know that there is some people dying out there with all those dicease somewhere....for example in Africa.... As we can t be Madonna..or Sigur Rós and run to Malawi... or any country where they don ´t have 24/7 shop......Sympathetic pain is our way to express our support....Being a DRWS is being Responsable....

Anyway.... For the Future DRSW...Be aware that u are more than a spouse... but also a Lab Rat....with all that i imply

Dr G i very like u very very much.... and my left ear hurt ? Land Keffner ?


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Desperate Doctor's wives of the world unite

Virgile and I, Hanne, are two desperate spouses of Icelandic medical student's and I assure you it is no dancing on roses.
First we have to live in Iceland which is a trial in itself. 2ndly they are still students so we are still waiting for our bling and fur coats. Then we have to worry about which little impossible country town we have to spend our next holiday in, because our husbands, Icelandic workaholics, have taken Summer (-Christmas or Easter) job in some fjörður way out in the middle of nothing with a fish processing plant and 100 sheep.
I am safe for the Summer, we will be residing in capital Reykjavík where facilities are tolerable, Virgile will be experiencing all the pleasures of rural Iceland. I can't wait to hear all about it.
But off course there are upsides, and we will try our best to hear about that.