Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Diet Doctor´s Wife´s Cokkbook.....With few comments from her husband

Happiness doesn t relies in a cook book !

Since i ve left the capital for Ólafsfjörður for the love of my Dr i feel so good. Oh Gosh.
If u read my post from yesterday, u can see that i kind of was having a bad day. Everyone got bad days.. even perfect DRSW. But as perfect entities we must face them with dignity and fearce. Just to sum up. I ve had a "get in the icelandic countryside" experience but this was not my fault: a lamb (probably sent by the devil ish icelandic nurses mafia) tried through itself my under car.... My car who ended up in the fence of the field near by.

Lambs are devilish creatures

I just realised today that this countryside simple life,
Will help me to totally embrace my destiny as a DRSW . This is just perfect nothing to do exept serve with Dignity my Dr. Nothing will stop me from this not even an innocent & insane lamb.

I think i ve might found the recipe for the DRSW Happiness

I can´t wait to cook another perfect meal for my Dr, what should i do ? Maybe Lamb?

Virgile the happiest doctor´s wife in the whole world !!!

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