Monday, May 28, 2007

Doctor's wives have everything - except husbands!

My doctor in spe husband just won a scholarship from a big bank, but it is likely that he won't be able to receive it personally because of work, I have to go. That will be an ongoing problem.
My husband actually told me about a doctor he knows that took a shift to avoid christmas dinners with his wife's family.

In the 1971 film "Doctor's Wives" the pitchline is; Doctor's wives have everything - except husbands." And then the doctors wives go on a drug-sex-alcohol spree of sheer boredom in this reportedly disasterous film with the lowest score I have seen on IMDB.
So now we know what we are in for. Thank good for other doctor's wives that can join us on our sex-drugs-alcohol sprees later.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Desperate Lab Rats VS DRSW

"in every job that must be done... there is an element of fun..... find the fun and the job is game"

Marry Poppins (Disney Slave & DRSW)

First of all... i want to clarify something... Sometimes, Dr´s wife (DRSW to make short) is a husband..... as me....My husband the Doctor as a husband as a wife.... is it clear?

Everyone know the saying that the Shoes maker is the one with the worst shoes.. (more or less said like this).....There is worst than the shoes maker.... there is .... the DRSW.... YES !!! Everytime that something goes REALLY wrong with my body.... (i am Hypocondriac.....sometimes...everyday things go NOT REALLY wrong)..... Anyway... Everytime that something goes really wrong... and i ask for a generous, caring, helping hand from my Medical Husband.... all i get.. is "oh comon i see this all time at the hospital... this is nothing "..... And there i go with my pain ... Even if i protest saying "If those people are in the hospital this is because there is something wrong" Answer of the specialist "those people have nothing wrong exept worries especially foreigner" What can i do....? We are in a medical deny...

BUT when the Dr (still studing.. who cares he is dr´s anyway) is studing a new subject... we end up to be Lab Rats (because we want it..... Because we have to be supportive :-) So When Dr G (that´s my husband name) was studing Dermatology... i was having some mysterious rash..... when he was reading genetic.... i was looking in my own Chromosomes for Rare dicease that no one knows about it...(the Virgile Syndrom will be the big Medical Discovery in the next 10 years.... i bet u !!!)....Psychiatry enligthened my ADHD.........Neurology.....My brain tumor went nut.....Gynecology... Let´s not talk about it.........Us DRSW have to Be supportive and express sympathetic pain....Do u know that there is some people dying out there with all those dicease somewhere....for example in Africa.... As we can t be Madonna..or Sigur Rós and run to Malawi... or any country where they don ´t have 24/7 shop......Sympathetic pain is our way to express our support....Being a DRWS is being Responsable....

Anyway.... For the Future DRSW...Be aware that u are more than a spouse... but also a Lab Rat....with all that i imply

Dr G i very like u very very much.... and my left ear hurt ? Land Keffner ?


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Desperate Doctor's wives of the world unite

Virgile and I, Hanne, are two desperate spouses of Icelandic medical student's and I assure you it is no dancing on roses.
First we have to live in Iceland which is a trial in itself. 2ndly they are still students so we are still waiting for our bling and fur coats. Then we have to worry about which little impossible country town we have to spend our next holiday in, because our husbands, Icelandic workaholics, have taken Summer (-Christmas or Easter) job in some fjörður way out in the middle of nothing with a fish processing plant and 100 sheep.
I am safe for the Summer, we will be residing in capital Reykjavík where facilities are tolerable, Virgile will be experiencing all the pleasures of rural Iceland. I can't wait to hear all about it.
But off course there are upsides, and we will try our best to hear about that.