Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your time to shine

The greatest fear of a doctor´s wife is...nurses! We are afraid of them stealing our husbands, slipping them chocolates mid-surgery and looking tempting in those see-through uniforms.

So we try our best. And the big chance to show off our truly loving nursings skills come if our doctors are sick (or hungover) and we get to be the sexy, motherly helpers that nurse our men back to health. There is almost nothing we would not do. Bring food, beverages, take temperatures, make a little strip show...

Anything to keep us ahead in the game of ME vs Nurse.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Doctor's wives demand Sarkozy treatment

From now on, if someone is going to publish a picture of me, I demand that it be retouched to not show any unflattering tidbits.

No more Nicholas Sarkozy, more Vladimir Putin!

See the love handles

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting through the summer

I ve to confess, i am not a really doctor´s wife...... i am a "doctor to be ´s wife" BUT will be soon a Doctor´s wife... a real one.....The summer has been a good training for both of us... me the Doctor´s wife to be and the Doctor to be. It has been a very good training for me as a Doctor´s wife. Now i ve to say that i am exceling in making tomato soup from a pack , and that i am not that often anymore burn pre-prepared couscous in the pot... and i also become very good in using his credit card and more generally his money. This has be hard... but i am getting well with it.

Unfortunately summer is almost done, and i ve to say that i am gonna miss to be here in the north of Iceland. This has been a lot of fun. But now i ve to go back to the city and show to the world what i ve learnt from my very own personnal trainning in the contryside!

i am gonna doctor´s wife rock the City and realize my fate as a doctor´s wife