Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting through the summer

I ve to confess, i am not a really doctor´s wife...... i am a "doctor to be ´s wife" BUT will be soon a Doctor´s wife... a real one.....The summer has been a good training for both of us... me the Doctor´s wife to be and the Doctor to be. It has been a very good training for me as a Doctor´s wife. Now i ve to say that i am exceling in making tomato soup from a pack , and that i am not that often anymore burn pre-prepared couscous in the pot... and i also become very good in using his credit card and more generally his money. This has be hard... but i am getting well with it.

Unfortunately summer is almost done, and i ve to say that i am gonna miss to be here in the north of Iceland. This has been a lot of fun. But now i ve to go back to the city and show to the world what i ve learnt from my very own personnal trainning in the contryside!

i am gonna doctor´s wife rock the City and realize my fate as a doctor´s wife

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