Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our responsibilities as DRSW's

Being a Dr's wife is all about responsibility, like, when, you're downtown enjoying a quiet cocktail with your husband, then, like, you have to be careful. Because, like, right now his job is to tell alcoholics to stop drinking and then of course it is very bad to get very drunk and rave around town so we have to make sure that that does not happen, too often at least. So the doctor's wife take the doctor by the hand and makes him go home before he runs into some of his patients in spe... ohhh the burden.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

All by myself...

What is a DRSW without the DR... i feel like nothing....... i am alone.. for this week. i had to go back the Capital for my studies... and leaving in the north my DR. I miss him so much and i feel so bad. How am i going to realise mysefl then ? What about perfection.....? What about the devilish nurse mafia? It s all by myself ....
Virgile a very desperate Doctor´s wife

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Diet Doctor´s Wife´s Cokkbook.....With few comments from her husband

Happiness doesn t relies in a cook book !

Since i ve left the capital for Ólafsfjörður for the love of my Dr i feel so good. Oh Gosh.
If u read my post from yesterday, u can see that i kind of was having a bad day. Everyone got bad days.. even perfect DRSW. But as perfect entities we must face them with dignity and fearce. Just to sum up. I ve had a "get in the icelandic countryside" experience but this was not my fault: a lamb (probably sent by the devil ish icelandic nurses mafia) tried through itself my under car.... My car who ended up in the fence of the field near by.

Lambs are devilish creatures

I just realised today that this countryside simple life,
Will help me to totally embrace my destiny as a DRSW . This is just perfect nothing to do exept serve with Dignity my Dr. Nothing will stop me from this not even an innocent & insane lamb.

I think i ve might found the recipe for the DRSW Happiness

I can´t wait to cook another perfect meal for my Dr, what should i do ? Maybe Lamb?

Virgile the happiest doctor´s wife in the whole world !!!

Doctor's wives get everything for free

So I just learned that often doctor's wives claim to have rights to free treatment from their husband's colleagues.

SWEET DEAL. I must hurry up getting ill so I can get free treatment.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The inside job

Thought of the day:

Being a DRSW is an inside job.
It´s all about home based buisness.. the outside activities are just random consequencies.
Exemple: I am going to make the dishes after having prepared a perfect meal for my DR.. but there is no more washing product. Random event... i ve to outside to get some.

Nothing more to say today.

Monday, June 4, 2007

More sacrifice

A Doctor's wife has to do whatever is in her/his power to stand by her man, even if it means moving to faraway regions (see previous post) or changing careers.

Now take me fx. I have now started in a job where I will learn good DRSW skills like doing biochemical tests and taking blood samples. Because then I am sure to be invited to go with my husband for Medicins sans Frontières to some strange country where I will have to poop in a hole in the ground... It may also give me the chance to share workplace with my DR later on, so we can meet for lunch and I can fight off the nurse(shark)s. But at what price?

I almost fainted during my first day of work because I am really against the idea of needles in the first place and blood has never really been my thing either, but...the things we do for love... And I am sure it will spawn long serious conversations about medical tests and stuff in the future.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go paint my toenails.

Call of duty ! Ólafsfjörður here i am

Being a DRSW implies a lot of sacrifices or something similar.........Being the DRSW of doctor in becoming implies even more..... But reader..don t twist my word ... i am not complaining.... i am just showing my destiny... and as my destiny.... i am embracing it with no fear !!!

We are the 4th of june ... and i am now living and will be for the next 3 month in Ólafsfjörður..... far away in the north of iceland.....Far away from civilization and medical mondanity? Too Hard for a DRSW ? We will see !

We are the first day.. and so far i ve found nothing to do....Not even a poor child to nutrish..... !!!
it s all about duty... love and compassion... and love and compassion.... and love and compassion...and love ... and compassion.....

ólasfjörður day 1......

The desperarate Doctor´s wife n°1