Monday, February 25, 2008

Going International

I have found again a picture of nurse. How comes that all representation of nurses look like the previous picture? I think this is just picturing the truth. Anyway...

With Hanne as doctor wives we deciced to go international. We decided to leave our local scale and our local devilish nurses to go international. We are going to Canada. The great Canada. Country of Pamela Anderson (yes she is not american) and Celine Dion.

We are becoming International Doctor´s wives / Doctor´s wife 2.o world version. We are so cool and the nurses suck so much.

Anyway we are working on a project concerning cars and traffic pollution in Reykjavík. Our stone against global warming. It will also allow us to collect data about toxic gas, wich could be use later to get rid of nurses. If there is an epidemic of car-garage death, we deny any responsability.

Virgile, proud doctor world wife

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