Monday, November 12, 2007

when did we became Desperate?

I have been now for more than a year a DRSW, and i am starting to wonder.. When did i become desperate ? Why am i desperate? Is it when i have attested of the morally questionable behaviour of the Nurses? Is it when i have seen that Einstein was right when he said that:"the difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits", of course illustrating the morally questionable behaviour of the Nurses.... I am not being a very good DRSW now. I think i am a bit too much charging the back of the nurses. Blaming them for stuff that they don´t do. Not that i want to find them excuses. Anyway.. When did i became desperate? Is it when i have started to see this pinched smiled on people face when i was telling that my doctor was a doctor? Was it this day few years back in France, when i have met my very first devilish nurse when i broke my jaw? (The first and only time i have verbally assaulted a medical worker...with my jaw broken...she will stay the "salope" - The one who have the good sense to speak french will understand-" When did i lost hope in the medical worker? Was it when i have seen that i want to spend my life with one of them ? Was it when i have seen that white was still not my color? Was it when my doctor was in Gynecology? Is it when i have met those doctor who mentions every second word that they are a doctor ? or when i have seen this nurse when someone was very bably injured running to the victim.. "i am a nurse ... i am a nurse... i am a nurse" on a joyful and inapropriate tune ?

Money is often told to be the nerve of War. I have another theory. Hope or more precisely the lack of it, is in our case is the nerve of War. I think i might have became desperate the day that i have seen that hope vanish as fast as a nurse run to save a poor soul.....


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